New Fall Schedule

Discipleship Leadership Team Recommendation

Six Key Values & Culture Statements

• Embracing Multiple Generations

• Mirroring Worship Services

• Reaching Others

• Maximizing Sunday Mornings

• Focusing on Families

• Strengthening Sunday School

Beginning in August 2024

Three Worship Services:
8:15am • 9:30am • 11:00am

• The fully graded Sunday School remains intact, with an adjusted start time to 9:30am

• Adult classes not requiring the support of age-level classes will be asked to consider moving to the 11:00am hour on a voluntary basis to free up rooms and to be an example

• The choir will sing during 9:30am and 11:00am; an ensemble will lead during 8:15am

In January 2025

• Begin populating the 11:00am hour with age-level classes